Suzanne cares about public safety, fiscally-responsible city government, and strong, secure schools.

Suzanne Hadley at Manhattan Beach library

When elected to city council, my main priorities will be:

Public Safety

I’ve served as a Neighborhood Watch block captain for over 10 years. I’ve seen firsthand the uptick in property–and now violent–crime in MB since the passage of AB 109, Prop 47 and Prop 57. More bad guys are out of prison earlier—or never charged—than ever. Neighbors like you are concerned, especially given the three sexual assaults in MB over the last few years.

My goals are more automatic license-plate readers and more police out on patrol.

Homelessness is also a rising concern, especially (but not only) in Metlox and downtown MB. I’m working with members of the city’s Homelessness Task Force to find out what’s legal, what works–and what’s compassionate–in connecting needy folks with available services. I will fight any proposal to build homeless shelters in MB. There are available shelter beds in the region to which we can direct needy folks who are willing to accept assistance.

Good financial governance and limited spending

I’ll be focused on providing un-sexy, good-government services at the best price.

I’m in favor of reopening city hall every Friday. Currently, city hall is closed every other Friday, instituted by the last city council. Residents don’t love that, and I’d like it reversed.

I want the Strand and downtown streets kept cleaner.

I plan to be prudent in spending on capital projects. I am not in favor of adding more city employees.

Pension costs are rising fast. We have reserves now; but the costs of past pension promises are rising faster than revenues. My background in corporate finance and accounting—as well as my MBA and love of financials—will help me prioritize and trim where necessary, and protect MB’s financial future for the next generation.

Safe and strong schools

My husband David and I moved to Manhattan Beach in 1996 for the public schools. Our four children have all attended Grand View Elementary, MBMS and Mira Costa. Our youngest daughter is now a senior at Costa.

We have some of the top schools in the state. Strong and safe public schools help all residents of MB, support property values and enrich our community. The city and the school district have worked together in the past. I want to keep it that way.

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Campaign address:  2711 N. Sepulveda Boulevard #521
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Phone:  310-750-4630


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